LED mirror for vanity is a beautiful choice as compared to your regular bulbs, it gives you a very natural and subtle glow.

LED stands for LIGHT EMITTING DIODES, which means they convert electricity to light by using the movement of electrons.

Advantages of LED mirror 

They have some really amazing advantages for the customer, as they use very less electricity than your regular ordinary bulbs hence proving to be energy efficient and costing the consumers less in the electricity bills. They are very durable and long lasting, so you don’t have to change the bulbs after regular intervals. They are environment friendly as they do not contain toxins or mercury. They do not give off any UV light making insects not too attracted to them. They are shock resistant and are safe to use.

Best for makeup & hairstyle 

LED mirror for vanity is a beautiful choice as compared to your regular bulbs, it gives you a very natural and subtle glow. They have proved to be an excellent choice for the people who are walking in the field of makeup, hairstyle and grooming. If you are someone who is enthusiastic about makeup, hair styling and grooming, vanity with a LED mirror will prove to be your best choice. It plays a major role in helping you achieve the flawless look you desire. Doing your makeup in a doll or dim light might give you an unclear vision of what your makeup will look like in natural light or the flaws it has, this is where a vanity with LED mirror will prove to be the most helpful thing someone will come across. Their high-quality white light has made them the top choice of professional makeup artists and hair stylists. If you don’t have the perfect light while doing your makeup you really can’t figure out the products to use or the areas that require correction or more attention. 

Amazing Collection at affordable price

For making things simpler for you team Glazonoid has 

introduced some amazing collections. We always assure the customers with premium quality mirrors that provide the best lighting to the user even in a room that doesn’t support any natural light or is dim. We have a wide range of mirrors, each of different shapes like square, circles, oval etc. Size ranging to small for which is suitable for less space and large for a big space. Each mirror has different kinds of light and brightness in accordance to their shape and size. The color of light in the Makeup Mirrors ranges from yellow to bright white, even though the lighting in the mirror is bright, but at the same time is not harmful for the eyes. Our beautiful crafted   will add a new life to your Makeup Vanity and will definitely provide a rich look with comfort. We make the best quality mirrors at affordable prices considering the needs of each customer.