How do you take care of Wireless headphones?
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How do you take care of Wireless headphones?

Finally bought a pair of wireless headphones? Not only do they look amazing but also sound amazing? Great! But do you know what can you do to make them last longer than your previous pair of headphones?


Allow us to help!

It does’t matter if you buy the best headphones available in the market, if you do not take proper care of them, chances are that they will also end up in the trash can soon.

Hence, keep the following tips in mind to increase the life of your wireless headphones:

1. Maintain battery hygiene
Wireless headphones run on battery and just like any other device that runs on battery, they need to be charged. But the key thing to keep in mind while charging your headphones is to know when to charge and how much to charge. 

Avoid overcharging as it will make the battery hot Also, avoid using them when they are on charge. (we know how hard it is to stay away from your headphones, but you can always invest in the ones that do not require much time to charge). Do not forget to turn off your headphones when you are not using them.

2. Protect your charging port
Probably one of the weakest point in your new headphones, it is important to pay special attention to this part. Do not mistreat your headphones and do not insert anything alien to your charging port. This can damage the internal socket. 


3. Keep them clean
It might sound like a pain but it is important to clean your electronics at least once a month. If your earmuffs become dirty, they can even lead to infections. 


They also might start sounding a bit low and eventually lose their charm. So wipe them using a cloth occasionally. You can also use cotton pads or cotton swabs to clean the delicate areas. Do not use water.

4. Invest in a case
If you are someone who plans on carrying your headphones everywhere then instead of simply tossing them inside your bags, get a case for your headphones. This will not only make it easier for you to carry them around but will also protect them from everyday wear & tear. 


Just follow these simple but effective tips and you will be good to go.

Now that you have gone through the list, allow us to introduce some sturdy & stylish headphones that you can buy right now:

Rockerz 550

Get ready to immerse yourself in your favorite tunes with these stylish and multi-talented headphones. These wireless headphones are ergonomically designed to give you a comfortable listening experience. The 50mm dynamic drivers pump out impactful music. They also offer physical noise cancellation that make them perfect for disturbance-free listening. Powered by a mighty 500mAh battery, they offer a playtime of up to20H.

Nirvana 751 ANC

Fall in love with your favorite tunes again with these bluetooth headphones. The 40mm drivers deliver unbeatable boAt signature music. The Hybrid Active Noise Cancelltion ensures that you get to listen every tune, every note clearly. 


The ambient sound does not interfere and you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite music. The dedicated mic for calling gives you hassle-free listening experience. They offer a playback of up to 65H without ANC. The ASAP charge technology will also keep your charging woes at bay as they take only 10 mins to provide up to 1H of flawless usage.

Sony WH CH510

Sony has a reputation for making exceptional audio products and these Noise Cancelling headphones are no exception. They are lightweight and also have swivel earcups that make them perfect for everyday usage. The built-in mic ensures that you get to make crisp and clear hands-free calls. The 30mm driver unit delivers impactful music.


They offer a playtime of up to 35H and also support fast charging. If your headphones are running low on battery, then plug them in for 10 mins and you will have up to 90 mins of charge at your disposal.

Immortal 1300

If you are someone who cannot compromise on quality or looks, then these are the best headphones for you. The high quality earmuffs and headband minimes sweat and heat build up generated by skin contact. They have authentic breathing RGB light effects on earcups that will make you standout. 


They pump out driverless spatial 3D sound that will simply blow your mind. The boAt signature sound mode makes everything sound better. The dual mic makes calling and online gaming a breeze.

In the end, we will like to reemphasize on the fact that it doesn’t matter how expensive headphones you buy, their life does depend on your attitude towards them. You love your music, then start showing some care towards your headphones. We are sure that they will make it worth it!