You Cover Menorca in 4 Days with a Car Rental Service in Menorca
The fastest way to reach Menorca

Road tripping in Menorca is nothing less than a fascinating experience for keen explorers. And having the ideal car rental company in Menorca by your side, like Binicars, with the most uncomplicated booking and return options, is the ultimate freedom you need for your road trip. With a car hire at Menorca airport, you can cover the entire Balearic Island, tick off the hidden gems, track down unexplored beaches, and visit the main sight in less than a week. Menorca car hire

We have put together a blog about how to cover Menorca in 4 days with car hire. Menorca can be as much fun as its touristy counterpart, Ibiza. It is a hidden gem that needs people who set out to discover new things on wheels. So rent a car at Menorca airport, tune into your favorite song album, and set out to have an incredible week. fully comp car hire Menorca


The fastest way to reach Menorca is by air. You can take a flight from Paris –the easiest and shortest route. Menorca is just two hours from Paris. Flight fare to the island is pretty cheap, and it goes further down depending on the season. There is plenty of car hire at Menorca Airport, including Binicars, the best on the Island. However, if you have your own car and want to take it to Menorca, a ferry from Barcelona or Majorca is a great option. scooter rental Menorca