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One of the oldest lighting technologies is the halogen bulb, a form of incandescent lamp that uses halogen gas to generate light. The amount of gas available is also attributed to the lifespan of the bulb. The halogen work light bulb can be a practical and reliable choice for illumination compared to convention incandescent lamps because of its high rated life, moderately high efficiency, and quality of light!

 A bit of history

Halogen bulbs were initially equaled the performance of incandescent bulbs when they were first introduced. In 1882, chlorine usage to prevent blackening on the bulbs was patented. A commercially viable halogen lamp was patented by General Electric in 1959 using iodine as the halogen gas.


How do modern halogen bulbs work?


A halogen work light bulb works similarly as an incandescent lamp, but it uses the halogen cycle. In a regular incandescent bulb, tungsten evaporates slowly from a burning filament, resulting in blackening and decreased light output over time until it burns out. Halogen bulbs have eliminated that issue as gas reacts chemically with evaporated tungsten to prevent it from sticking to the glass. Some of the tungsten goes back to the filament, which also functions to boost the rated life of the bulb. A higher temperature is needed for that reaction, so halogen lamps are typically manufactured with quartz!




The halogen work light bulb is used indifferent residential and commercial applications. Halogen reflectors such as PAR and MR lamps are typically practical as directed lighting, like flood lights and spotlights in construction sites. They are also considered more efficient than incandescent reflectors. Halogen bulbs are also used as vehicle head lights and under-cabinet lighting.


If you need to get a high-quality halogen work light bulb, be sure to check out the selection offered by reputable retailers of automotive aftermarket lighting products. That way, you can be sure to find the exact size and type that you need for your application!