Home décor ideas for Navratri 2022
Navratri is one of the prolonged and well-known celebrations in India. It is a nine-day long festival in which everyone wants to light up each corner of their house. So if you are also thinking about how you can transform your house to celebrate this festival, then here is a list for you of simple and imaginative Navratri decoration ideas for your home to help your home stand out.

1. Add fragrant flowers:

Flowers are a basic decoration for any joyous occasion. They make it simple to incorporate design themes and elements into your home. You can use them to embellish your windows and walls.

2. Use painted diyas and diya stands:

Brighten up the ambiance of your house with Diya decoration. You can place them on the wall, around the temple, balcony, pavements, verandas, and rangolis. A beautiful Diya stand can be used to add more glam to your space.

3. Use fairy lights:

At the same time, fairy lights can do wonders to illuminate the worship space and adorn your entryway. You can also put them in decorative lanterns to light up your Navratri decor.

4. Decorate the floor with rangoli:

Rangoli is a reflection of joy and happiness. You can add beautiful and colorful designs to the lobby area or in front of the door. To complete the rangoli decoration place beautiful decorative candles on top.

5. Use decorative T-light holders:

Decorating your home with T-light holders is an everlasting option. Get a fancy T-light holder and decorate it with candles. It will create an aura of peace and positivity.

6. Decorate with wall hangings:

Welcome your guests with beautiful wall hangings. A beautiful sunshine mandala wall hanging is a perfect piece of festival decoration. Put it on the wall of the temple and embrace your decor.

7. Puja Thali:

During the Navratri festival, puja thalis are used many times a day. Make your Navratri decor more elegant with some beautifully designed thalis. You can also add leaves and flower petals to create beautiful patterns inside the puja thali.

8. Goddess idol:

Make your puja space delightful with a goddess idol. It will create positivity and serenity in your house. This idol can be coupled with other decor items to upgrade your Navratri decor.

9. Spill in the colors:

Give your walls an ethnic tone of vibrant colors, which can give a festive vibe. You can also use decorative colored fabric in place of soft furnishings. Use traditional Indian-style carpets and style your sofas with attractive cushion covers.

10. Designed Chowki:

Another item that you can use in your temple is a beautiful chowki. Get a chowki with engraved patterns and place the goddess idol on it. This will make the festival decor distinct and attractive.


This Navratri, decorate your home with colorful style and celebrate these nine days with enthusiasm and joy in your modest house. Decorate your home to represent your bright energy, colorful style, and confidence. Get the best decor products today from and impress everyone who visits you during this festival.