Essentials to the Digital Transformation Journey
Every era sees innovations and technologies in the business operation ecosystem.


Every era sees innovations and technologies in the business operation ecosystem. The rapid pace of technology adoption and customer experiences is driving all organisations, small and big, to be more intuitive, customer-oriented and agile- in short, more digitized. Integrating technology into all core business processes is the sine-qua-non to sustain. While companies embrace digitalisation, data supplies the power to it, allowing more meaningful insights to drive competitive differentiation.

  • 65% of global GDP to be digitalized by 2022.
  • 87% of companies know that digital is the way forward, yet only 44% are prepared for the potential disruption.
  • Leading digital transformation projects and becoming digital at scale is the priority for CEOs in the near future.

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Today’s techno-business environment necessitates the adoption of intelligent, digitally-powered processes to amplify business efficiency and customer relations. At Orion, we have seen first-hand the impact that transformative powers of digitalisation has had on enterprises.


What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation reimagines business processes. By integrating digital technologies in all business processes reorients the way businesses operate and deliver customer driven experiences. As businesses transition from paper to spreadsheets and tailor-made apps, every enterprise with the power of digital technology can choose its digital path, reimagine business, and enhance customer connections.


Digital Transformation Services are of three main types:

  • Digital transformation consulting
  • Digital transformation strategy
  • Digital transformation implementation

Start-ups and small businesses can focus on building a digital strategy from inception. It will be one of the best investments to remain flexible and grow.

However, digital transformation can be complex. While initiating the process, many companies have doubts about the best-suited path. Digital Transformation Specialists can help direct your business on the right digital path.

Market growth rate (Research & Markets)

  • Direct digital transformation investment is forecasted to touch $7 trillion in 2023
  • The digital transformation market is expected to touch $3.3 trillion by 2025.

Digital transformation can help enterprises to:

  • Induce digital capabilities and deliver insightful and data-driven experiences
  • Scale at speed, boost revenue and workforce productivity
  • Create in demand products and services for the digital age.
  • Mitigate costs and risks with informed decision-making
  • Increase innovation, collaboration and creativity
  • Digital transformations enable enhanced customer experiences increasing retention.

Essentials to the Digital Transformation Journey

  • Technology: Digital transformation solutions help assess the current technology stack and integrate modern applications.
  • People: Digital Transformation consultants prioritise human resources and skill-building.
  • Culture: Digital transformation specialists help manage the change to adapt and achieve ROI on digital investments.
  • Process: Digital Transformation strategies should be scalable and sustainable.
  • Metrics: Leadership needs value-driven digital transformation insights. Digital Transformation teams help clients choose the appropriate metrics to shape the digital experience delivery.


Digital Transformation Offerings


Digital Insights

Digital insights-driven business models are the cornerstone of a customer-oriented economy. Businesses need to relook at how data is analyzed and how it should be utilised to derive maximum insights. Digital transformation solution should:

  • Implement impactful data analytics solutions
  • Achieve precise and real-time insights
  • Drive strategic decision making

Rapid Prototyping

To maintain the competitive differentiation, organisations need to be agile and accelerate time to market and create a robust delivery ecosystem. Digital Transformation Services can help by:

  • Fast-tracking idea-to-prototype process
  • Get all stakeholders on board
  • Quick feedback, adaption and deployment of solutions

Digital Experiences

Market dynamics are constantly shifting, and organisations are going all out to adapt. Technology is slowly bending the worlds of people, businesses and intelligent objects. Digital Transformation services can help create

  • Digital multi-channel experiences.
  • Influence the customer purchase journey from click to conversion
  • Offer personalised experiences through predictive analytics
  • A holistic approach to deliver leverage better RoIs on Digital Capital.

Legacy Modernization

For organisations to be digital-ready, people and process have to be aligned. Legacy modernisation employs new technologies and architecture to keep businesses agile and relevant. Digital Transformation can empower organizations to:

  • Reimage business processes
  • Work on application design limitations
  • Create a culture of innovation and build on skill sets
  • Accelerate development through adoption of secure and scalable solutions
  • Achieve better ROI through business and operational efficiency.