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There is often a lot of confusion between the two basic types of packaging material vis Corrugated Box and a Cardboard box. Most people assume them both to be the same product and use the name interchangeably. However, both are different from each other and so are their uses and purpose along with the material that they are made from.

Let us explore in detail the difference between the two and their use.

Corrugated Box

A corrugated box is basically made up of 3 layers of paperboard sheets – the inside layer, the outside layer, and 1 layer in between which is placed in a zig-zag manner (known as flute). This middle layer or the flute is commonly responsible for providing cushion-like protection to the products when in transit.

The flue effect helps to make the box sturdier and durable thereby protecting the fragile materials from shocks and damage. The flute design is mostly dependent on the weight of the parcel that will be shipped. So the custom-made boxes are versatile depending on the need and purpose of the use.  It commonly comes in 3 sizes namely- 3-ply box,5 ply box (wherein 2 layers of flutes are placed, one between layer 1 and 3 and the other between layer 3 and 4), and 7 plies for extra protection (commonly used for heavy machinery).

Cardboard Box

Seemingly different from the corrugated box which is made of up multiple layers of sheets, the cardboard box is usually made from 1 layer of thick paperboard only. Socomparably, cardboard box is of much thinner quality and not a preferable option to being used for shipping products.

Commonly, cardboard boxes are used for Cereal packaging, Board games, packaging of medicines, outers of all small products like toys, food products – butter carton on which branding is done, etc.

Because of its ability and material, it can be molded into any size or shape as per the product.

Does the Difference Matter?

Well, honestly really doesn’t make much of a difference if you call a corrugated box cardboard box or vice versa. However, if you instruct a packaging company with an incorrect name, this can cause a lot of problems as it may lead to damage in transit or packaging.

Also, the name mostly matters while you place an order for the packaging material to cardboard box manufacturers in Delhi, India so makes sure you explain your requirement properly to avoid any confusion and for delivery of the correct product.