Amtech Active Harmonic Filter
AMTECH is the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Active Harmonic Filters based in Gujarat, India. We provide advanced technology power quality solutions to avoid their ill-effects on capacitors, transformers, cables, and switchgears.

one stop solution for power quality

Amtech started as a solution provider in motor control with AC Drive beingthe core product. Later Automation became an essential part of motorcontrol solutions. Amtech has always been driven by an innovative andresponsible mindset to provide quality products with emergingtechnology in the field of power electronics to the industry it wasevolving in. Amtech focused on the power quality issues and came outwith the state-of-the-art technology products apart from othersolutions. At Amtech, Power Electronics always remained core area ofresearch and development. Amtech works closely with its customer forthe power electronics products solutions development like wind powerconverter, solar inverter, Regulated High Voltage Power Supplies

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Address:E-6, GIDC Electronics Zone, Gandhinagar - 382 028, Gujarat , India.

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