Everything about CO2 You Need To Know
CO2 also knew as carbon carbon dioxide which is a naturally occurring compound consisting of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms joined by a covalent double bond. Is CO2 harmful to human body?
how to detect CO2? let's check now

Everything about CO2 You Need To Know

CO2 is a naturally occurring compound consisting of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms joined by a covalent double bond.  Carbon dioxide is the most important long-lasting greenhouse gas in the earth's atmosphere and a key element of the carbon cycle. Natural source of carbon dioxide emissions include decomposition, ocean release and respiration.

Is CO2 Harmful To Human Body?

When carbon dioxide concentration in the air is normal, it is harmless to human body, but it will affect people's respiratory system when it exceeding a certain level, because when carbon dioxide concentration in the blood increases, the acidity increases, and acidosis occurs.

The biggest element of indoor air pollution is not the formaldehyde that everyone is afraid of, nor is it PM2.5. Most people understand the impact of formaldehyde and PM2.5 on the body, but ignore the harm of carbon dioxide. When this gas reaches a certain level, it will seriously endanger our health, and no purifier can effectively filter carbon dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide Concentration Level


When concentration of carbon dioxide reaches 1% (1000PPM), people will feel dull, start to lose concentration, and have heart palpitations.

If Carbon dioxide reaches 1000PPM in a airtight bedroom, and we sleep 8 hours continuously, when we wake up in the morning, we will not feel well rested and will not want to get up.

If CO2 concentration in the air in the office reaches 1000PPM, the work efficiency of employees will decrease.


When carbon dioxide levels reach 1500~2000PPM, people experience wheezing, headaches, and dizziness. When two people sleep in a closed bedroom for on night, the concentration of carbon dioxide can easily reach 2000PPM.

When the concentration of CO2 in the air in the office reaches 2000PPM, the employees will feel sleepy, unable to concentrate, and mentally fatigued.


When CO2 concentration is above 5000PPM, the function of human body is seriously confused, causeing people to lose consciousness and becom unconscious.

How to Monitor CO2 Concentration?

A CO2 detector will be the great choice for you. LifeBasis mini CO2 tester with high precision NDIR technology sensor can accurately track air quality. This CO2 tester equips with LCD screen and warning alarm, real-time monitor air quality to protect you and your family's health. Easy to operate, one key control, long press the power key to switch on/off.

Wide application, can be used at schools, office, home, factories, hotels, grow tents, hospitals and anywhere high levels of carbon dioxide are emitted.

LifeBasis 3 in 1 CO2 detector.  This CO2 detector comes with high precision laser particle sensor and NDIR(infrared) technology, accurately monitor CO2, temperature and humidity at the same time. CO2 range: 0~5000 PPM, Detection temperature: -10 to 40°C (14 to 104  °F ), relative humidity: 20%-80% (± 5%) RH

Tips to Control Indoor Carbon Dioxide Concentration

  1. Grow house plant
  2. Open window for ventilation
  3. In the case of not opening the window, only the fresh air fan can effectively solve the problem of indoor carbon dioxide. 

The fresh air fan can absorb fresh air from outdoors and filter pollutants, provide it indoors after adjusting the temperature, and the discharge the indoor polluted air by means of extrusion, which can ensure that there is sufficient oxygen in the room and solve the problem of indoor air pollution at the same time.