Clean DVDs Quickly and Effectively without Problem
CDs or DVDs that are not put back in the proper case? little fingerprints wind up all over them making them stick to other DVDs and unable to play in the DVD player, how to clean them without damaging?

There are multiple cleaners to choose from mostly depending on the size of the items you plan to clean. If you are looking to clean small items such as rings and bracelets, a smaller tank size would work, if you would like to able to clean DVDs/CDs, a larger tanks would be best.

LifeBasis CD-7920 digital ultrasonic cleaner(850ML tanks) is the best solution to clean CDs easily. It may not prevent the dirt but it will take it away!

How CD-7920 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Clean the DVDs?

Pull out all of  DVDs that need cleaning to place in the ultrasonic cleaner, set the timer, in a matter of just eight minutes, the dirty residue left on DVDs is removed without creating any scratches or use of liquid cleaners, just plain (warm) tap water inside the cleaner.

Retrieve the clean DVDs from the ultrasonic cleaner, just pat dry them with a soft cloth.

CD-7920 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Specification

  • 850ml large capacity
  • 42KHz deep cleaning
  • low noise
  • 5 digital timer settings
  • LED display screen
  • Visable up cover
  • Cleaning accessories: basket, watch stand, CD holder

What else can CD-7920 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Clean?

1. Jewelry

necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings etc.

2. Glasses and watches

glasses, sunglasses, waterproof watches, watch band

3. Hygiene items

combs, electric shaver heads, toothbrushes, dentures, razor blades

4. Stationary

pen-heads, printer heads, seals, rubber stamps

5. Silver items

that have dirt accumulation

6. Other items

tools, watches parts, coins, keychains, valves, machine nozzles, badges, metal disware, instruments, filters, kitchen untensils, makeupbrush, makeup kit and more.

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