Rules and 3 card poker strategy that you must know
3 card poker is an easy game to play. But before heading to play for real money you must get familiar with rules and 3 card poker strategy.

When we hear the word “poker”, we usually think of Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or some other variation of poker. Whether you are playing at home or a virtual casino, your aim is to win chips from your opponents at the table. Casinos, on the other hand, have created a number of games that are based on popular poker forms, but they are played against the house than the players. 3 card poker is a popular poker variant that is easy and straightforward to learn. 

There are no hole cards, no community cards, and the pot does not split in any way. It is played with a standard 52-card deck. Almost all poker games are played against opponents. However, 3 card poker is a well-known table game that is played against the dealer. The objective of the game is to make a hand stronger than that of the dealer. Though the game is simple, you must acquaint yourself with the rules and basic 3 card poker strategy.

3-Card Poker Rules 

Although you might see several players playing at the same time on the same table, but your only aim is to defeat. Whether you lose or win in hand has nothing to do with what your opponents are dealt with or what actions they take. 

The ante bet: To start, each player places two wagers. The first bet is called the ante bet, and the second is called the Pair Plus bet. Both these bets may be deemed optional in some casinos, whereas the ante bet is mandatory in others. The Pair Plus bet is placed in the hope that the final hand of the player will contain at least a pair. 

The deal: Once all bets are in, three cards are dealt to each player and the dealer.

Play or fold: Once the player gets their cards, it is their turn to take action, i.e. whether they want to continue playing or fold. If a player decides to fold their hand, the round ends, and the dealer wins the ante bet and any Pair Plus bets if any. On the other hand, if a player prefers to play, they must put the play bet, equal to the ante bet size.

Showdown: Once the decisions are made by all the players, the dealer will reveal their cards, and a showdown will occur.

3-Card Poker hand rankings

Hand order is one of the crucial things to know when you are playing three-card poker. As every hand consists of 3 cards, the rankings differ from traditional poker hand rankings. You must know which poker hands are the best and which are beaten by other hands. The following are the rankings of hands in three card poker:

Straight flush: Three cards of the same suit in sequential. 

Three-of-a-kind: Three cards of the same rank across different suits.

Straight: Three cards in a sequence of any suit.

Flush: Irrespective of the rank, 3 cards of the same suit form a flush.

Pair: Two cards of the same rank form a pair.

High card: These are non-paired cards with no series of suit or sequence matching between the cards. 

3 Card Poker Strategy

When playing this poker variant, you don’t have to make many decisions on any single hand. Once you are familiar with the poker hand rankings, the only decision you have to make is knowing when to hold or fold them. When it comes to 3 card poker strategy, the fact is that there are no unique techniques or aspects to consider when betting. The one factor you must consider is that if you have Q-6-4 or better, you must carry on playing the game. Else, you must fold and give up your ante bet. Using this technique will ensure that the house has no more than a 2% advantage.

Another strategy you must consider is not to force a Pair Plus bet. This bet is arguably the thrilling part of the game, as it offers you enormous payouts and a chance to win money. Thus, it is advisable not to opt for this bet. This is because Pair Plus bets boost the house edge by more than 2.3%, causing you to lose more money in the long term.

Wrap Up

3 card poker is a simple game to learn and play. The game is not only luck-based but also based on skill. Learning the rules and online poker strategy is vital before heading to play for real money. There are various virtual casino sites to play 3 card poker. But if you are new to the game of poker, it is important to get familiar with the hand rankings as well as 3 card poker strategy. As a beginner, you can learn the poker game on Gamentio (developed by the best game development company) to get familiar with the basics of poker. Practice for unlimited hours until you feel confident about your gameplay. What are you waiting for? Download the free poker app and have unlimited action!