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Happiest Minds IPO: Everything you need to know!

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https://blog.finology.in - The IPO of Happiest Minds Technologies opens for subscription tomorrow and closes on September 9. Read the article to know Everything about Happiest Mind IPO, details, review and History.
Right from the start, this year made us feel like we are in the middle of a terrifying movie, particularly when it comes to the markets. And no one seems to come up with an answer as to when all this would reach the most awaited climax. Amidst all this, a few events still have managed to keep the market on the edge of its seats. One such event is the upcoming IPO of a tech company. The market is all set to

Master Class 13: 3 Ways to pick Undervalued Stocks

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https://blog.finology.in - In this Masterclass we come up with the basics which will help you to find undervalued Stocks, using Price to earning ratio and Dividend yield. Read the article to know more about the basics.
Indians are mostly known for getting more for less. That is, we try to acquire maximum value from every deal. The bitter truth is that most of us fail to employ that when it comes to stock markets. As an investor, if you are investing in an undervalued stock, you are sure to fetch better returns.

Now, you might be wondering what undervalued stock means. In simple words, any stock that is traded for

Master Class 14: How to Analyze Company's Profit and Loss Statement

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https://blog.finology.in - In this Masterclass we come up with the basics, how to Analyze Profit and Loss Statement and what points should be consider while doing Income statement analysis. Read the article to know more on P&L analysis
Most of us, knowingly or unknowingly, would have developed an unspoken animosity towards anything that has to with math or numbers. Whenever the thought of investing crosses our minds, we are stopped by this fear of numbers and calculations. Even the fundamental analysis done for investment purposes uses certain calculations. So it is high time you stop running from formulas and number

Incom Tax Saving Tips: How to Save Income Tax in India?

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https://blog.finology.in - Income tax is a kind of tax that is imposed on the income of individuals or entities. Learn how to save income tax in India and get some honest income tax saving tips.
The government of India also provides certain ways in which the income tax of taxpayers could be minimized. Income Tax Act, 1961 entails some tax savers which includes mutual funds, insurance premiums, NPS, medical insurance, home loan, and many others.

There are some sections that act as a relief for the taxpayers, as under these predominant sections, they can save tax. These sections are 80C, 80CCC, 80CCD, 80D, 80DD, 80DD

Bonus Issue of Shares: A Detailed Explanation

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https://blog.finology.in - A bonus issue of shares is an offer in which free additional shares are given to the already existing shareholders. Read the article to know the Reasons and difference between bonus share and splits.
A bonus issue is an offer in which free additional shares are given to the already existing shareholders. A bonus issue is also known as a scrip issue or capitalization issue. These additional shares which are offered are known as Bonus Shares.

The bonus shares are issued as an alternative to the increasing payout of dividend. It's like; one company could offer an additional bonus share for

Fixed Deposits: All you need to know about FD Interest Rate

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https://blog.finology.in - Fixed deposits are investment schemes offered by banks and NBFCs wherein investors put (deposit) their idle money in exchange for guaranteed fixed returns at maturity. The returns (in the form of interest) from fixed deposits are usually higher than those of a savings bank account.

So, how does this system work?

What happens essentially is that you lock your money (principal) for a fixed time (tenure). Interest is earned on this principal amount throughout the tenure on a cumulative basis. It keeps getting added to the principal amount after specific intervals.

Everything About Making of the Indian Constitution

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https://blog.finology.in - The Constituent Assembly of India came into existence as per the provisions of Cabinet Mission Plan of May 1946. Read the article on the making of Indian Constitution.

It is a well-established fact that the Constitution of India is the most supreme law of the country and the torchbearer of fundamental political code, powers, and duties of government, procedure, directive principles, and duties of the citizen. Even the Parliament is not allowed to overpower the Constitution because of its constitutional supremacy over parliamentary supremacy and the fact that it was framed through constitue

Types of Bonds available in India, Various Segments

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https://blog.finology.in - In the olden days, banks were the safest and probably the only option for them to invest and save their money.

Over time, things have changed, and people now have a wide range of investment options to choose from. With such a wide array of options available, “where to invest?” is a question that arises often. The situation is such that it seems as if a new investment scheme comes up every day.

Talking about such options, people choose according to their financial objectives and risk averseness. For example, for a safe investment, people prefer mutual fund schemes and earn returns.

Best Stock Screener, Stock Research and Analysis Tool for analyzing Stocks

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https://ticker.finology.in - We are a passionate team of investors at Finology. Earlier, we always faced problems while doing equity analysis in our personal capacity. Most Free stock screeners available either provided insufficient data or were plagued with inaccuracy.

The paid tools on the other hand, were way too expensive for the common man. We at Finology aim to make investing simple & rewarding for the retail investor. Hence, we took matters in our own hand to build an enterprise grade research & analysis tool for the retail investor and came up with Ticker.

Investment Options for the beginners which will yield high returns

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https://blog.finology.in - Depending on one’s goals, tenure and risk appetite, we can list out on the best investment options available to the Indian investor. As we are aware, the risk and return tangent would vary from individual to individual. Similarly, the long and short term needs will vary on the basis of age, responsibilities and lifestyle. Keeping all these variables in view, let us evaluate the investment options in no particular order, and you as an investor can fill in your trolley. As we also need to keep in mind that a diversified portfolio is another strategy that one must adopt.

Following are the bes