Axie Infinity Clone Script: Best of all NFT gaming platform
Metaverse is a technology used in creating new avatars on social networking, and online gaming platforms with the support of VR, and AR technology. In the metaverse game they used cryptocurrency, and NFT to allow users to engage digitally.

Axie Infinity Clone Script: Best of all NFT gaming platform

Glimpse of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a monster-battling game universe where cute small monster-like creatures revolve around this universe known as Axies. NFTs denote that each pet is different from other online games because of the synergy between standard online gaming and blockchain technology.

Statistics of Axie Infinity


Over 700,000 Axies are listed in the Axie Infinity game. Axie’s market cap is up 228.3% and total revenue is up a whopping 50,950.8% from the same time last year, Token Terminal data shows. Axie Infinity is recognized as a leader in play-to-earn (P2E) gaming. 

Features of Axie Infinity


Axie Body Parts


It has six body parts which are upgrades that prove the Axie to be superior to its counterparts.









Classes of The Axies









Axie Infinity Clone Script


Axie Infinity Clone Script is an NFT Game Clone Script properly tested with our development team and error-free source code that lets anyone launch their own NFT-based gaming platform like Axie Infinity.


Gamesdapp supports the nft game development over any blockchain technologies. For example, They offers, Solana, Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Ect. 


Main Features of Our Axie Infinity Clone Software:





Axie Breeding

Small Love Portion

Our Axie Infinity Clone Software Supports Secured Wallets like: 


Ronin Wallet

MetaMask Wallet

Trust Wallet

Atomic Wallet

MyEther Wallet

Trezor & Ledger


If wanna start a Billion-dollar business like axie infinity? You can launch your own NFT Gaming platform like axie infinity with the above-mentioned features or extend your parts and functionalities as you desire to generate ROI endlessly !!

Where to start your ROI Based Game Like Axie Infinity?


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