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the area of the 1/3 above of whole town is mixed by forest, lawn, park laky place encircle. It is radius with downtown, do not give 10 kilometers to composite dock section have 7 forests park, almost every can be accomplished " push a window namely scenery, go out green meaning " the forest lives.

Still an example also can show an issue, why to say the forest is German yearning mental home? A book is called this year " the private life of the tree " , it is each big bookshop is successive 10 months rank the best seller of one, the author is Germany a forestry expert. High Quality Waterproof Flooring Whole book introduced the arboreous intelligence of animals in the forest,

he passes a few years of research discovery to forest: Can communicate each other between tree and tree, mutual attention, mutual protection, they still can take care of old tree, ill tree, also can cherish young tree, and have memory, have the human nature that comparative.wpc pool deck This book moved deeply rational and rigorous German, whole Germany shakes for it. This book already by overprint 20 for many times, reside best seller a list of names posted up firmly up to now head.

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