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Why should you register with Special Valuation Branch?

scdigitalm on Business Product - The solutions combined is one of the leading Special Valuation Branch Consultancy firms of Mumbai. With several years of experience in offering consulting, documentation, and representation with authorities for exporters, importers, and foreign exchange, we can help you regarding SVB Registeration. Our expertise and knowledge in the relevant business give us a business-oriented approach. SVB consultants in Mumbai. have made our name as a renowned SVB consultant in Mumbai by assisting our clients in successfully addressing ways. We work closely with our clients to achieve 100% satisfaction.

As SVB consultants we have a range of experience in the valuation techniques and ensure finalization SVB orders for our clients from respective customs and avoid penalties and delays. We deal with all types of cases involving related party transactions and a correct procedure to ensure our clients that everything is working in the right way.

As one of the renowned SVB consultants in Mumbai, we give advice and planning on custom procedures, documentation planning, documentation, and representation of SVB investigation related matters for MNC planning, documentation planning, SVB investigation, and other related issues.

Why should you register with Special Valuation Branch?

The special valuation branch is a branch of custom specializing in SVB investigation of transactions involving special relationships and certain categories of transactions having a bearing of the value of imported goods. A prima facie case exists for investigation by the SVB where the importer has to demonstrate that the price of imported goods has not influenced despite relationship. We have a competent team of SVB consultants who will assist you and give you comprehensive regarding Special valuation branch and related matters.

Importer can file an application for a further renewal of the Special valuation branch order if he continues imports over a period extending beyond three years. He has to file an application along with the necessary documents for at least 3 months before the completion of 3 years. After satisfying to all the required condition, special valuation branch order refund issued in the past will be renewed for a further 3 years. In the event, if you require any help regarding SVB registration, or renewal, you can contact us. Our SVB consultant in Mumbai is always available to help regarding import and export issues. Our SVB consultant in the Mumbai team provides complete consulting services for finalization of Special valuation branch orders from respective Custom authorities for eligible applicants.

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