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There are multiple types of transcripts that you can request from Transhome and our experienced team.

Requires a great deal of skill and patience because transcriptionists take time to listen carefully, type, and review closely. Your assigned transcriber needs to have experience conveying different tones and emotions accurately.

A transcriber makes sure that all written scripts are grammatically correct with complete sentences. This type requires strong subject knowledge and excellent editing skills.


This is the most complex type of language service, transcribing an audio or video intelligently means that the polished script needs to be grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes even if it does not match the audio word-for-word.

Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition
Transhome sees that business websites are not only giving visitors more varied content, but making that content accessible. Content is translated to make websites, digital, and print material usable for diverse audiences. Take the next step to better marketing and faster work.

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We can translate original transcripts in more than 120 languages for budget rates. Ask us how.

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