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rootlogix on Business Product - Sustainable urban planning and management is the Need of hour. In this pandemic situation, it is really important to understand the value of well being of the society. There is an urgent requirement from the stakeholders to maintain the sustainable consideration and measures in the development activities. Sustainability of urban ecosystem is required to be addressed properly. Urban population in India shall be more than 600 million as per the current estimates, says United Nations. The planning and management of urban facilities are of great significance. Sustainability aspects provide the basis for effective planning and efficient utilization of urban resources. Concerns over Energy efficiency, Environment friendliness, Ecology aspects, Occupational Health and Safety etc. should be properly addressed in order to enhance the sustainable well being of the habitants.
Audits and Sustainable performance
Status and performance audit time to time and undertaking Green Rating Systems is of significant importance. Green Buildings surely are advantageous as far as the green performance is concerned. Regular audits and maintenance could enhance the green foot print with respect to saving energy, water and reducing ROI in the long run by and large. The same if conducted properly shall surely improve the systematic evaluation mechanism and thus performance ultimately of a structure. Proper Management of Water, Energy, Waste, Well being etc. throughout the lifecycle of a project effectively may provide good economic as well as ecological returns.

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