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Story of Sheba (Saba) involving Sulaiman A.S. and Bilqis - Quran For kids

Hammadkhan123 on Education - The story of Sheba covers the encounter between Prophet Sulaiman (AS) and Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba. In addition to being a prophet of God, Sulaiman was also a noble king. Meanwhile, Allah blessed the Queen of Sheba with abundant riches. However, she and her people were astray and yet to accept the oneness of Allah and submit to Him. They were deluded in their ignorance and needed to be guided to the right path. Allah mentioned the Queen of Sheba’s fascinating story in the Holy Quran.

Sulaiman’s central role as a prophet was the same as that of all prophets. He was tasked with calling on people to affirm that Allah is the only God worthy of worship, free of any associates or rivals. In addition, he established Allah’s commands.

As a king, he led a kingdom of epic stature. Allah bestowed unique powers on him, which enabled him to command an incredibly mighty and well developed army. Under him, the Children of Israel enjoyed a remarkably successful period.

His army included men, jinn, and birds. This incredible military might was only possible due to the unusual variety of powers Allah had granted Sulaiman. He possessed the ability to understand and talk to birds, as well as control over the Jinn. In addition, he was a superb leader of men. This massive force was said to consist of hundreds of thousands of members.

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