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Sanitization Booth | Sanitization Tunnel | Sanitization Chamber

nehashinde on Business Product - VAI provides Sanitization booth, Sanitization Tunnel, Sanitization Booth, Disinfection Tunnel / Booth, Sanitization Chamber in India. Scientist has used the same Sanitization Booth for experiments and testing in last 10-12 days. The Gov of India has given permission to VAI People enter the sanitizing tunnel/booth/cabin and the spray of the sanitation solution falls on them, disinfecting their person and belongings, eliminates up to 99% of viruses, including COVID-19. It has an industrial-grade sprinkler with a sanitation solution for all type of viruses’ crisis as well as hospitals and used in public places. This provides a safe environment for healthy people since all their belongings are disinfected and the risk of contagion minimized. This measure can be combined with the use of face masks.

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