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Online Quran classes of learning Quran - Important Surahs And Benefits

Hammadkhan123 on Education - Quran classes and awards of learning the Quran is interesting. Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said in one of his Ahadith, ‘ the truest and authentic book is the book of Allah Almighty. ‘

Prophet Muhammad PBUH emphasized a lot to learn the holy book of the Quran. But, it is important to make clear either learning is enough, or we should go forward in this way. In fact, the present Hadith, like several other Ahadith and the verses of the Holy Quran, gives us the lesson that it is the true book; in other words, they lay stress what is inside the holy Quran and try to compel us that there is no need to go to any book while leaving this.

Alhamdulillah, we are all Muslims; it is our religious responsibility to learn the basics of Islam and practically impose its teachings in our life. In this way, we will be successful in both of our life.

The simple question comes before us how to learn the holy Quran. If we talk about the past age, the old learning of way of Quran is the still present and playing its great rule for Ummah in learning the holy Quran.

This reason for the question which takes place in our mind regarding the learning of the Holy Quran is the presence of another way of learning the Quran, which is called the modern way of learning the holy Quran with Noorani Qaida. A lot of Muslims, particularly living in advanced trying, are rushing to use this system for the Quranic education of their children.

The third big way of learning the Quran is to learn the holy Quran from their parents, which is common in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Another way of learning the Quran, particularly which the adult people use, is to learn the holy Quran from YouTube. They are successfully carrying out their task.

Let us see what the details are of these Quran classes.

Learning Quran from teachers in mosques or seminaries
The present method of learning the holy Quran is the old and precious method; it is the famous method because Prophet Muhammad PBUH started to teach the Holy Quran in this way. In this way, a student has to physically present before the teacher; then, the teacher makes the students learn the holy Quran.

Commonly, a mosque or seminaries is the place where this learning takes place. Some people like this method, and some do not. All the man-made system has defects and beauties equally; it happens what with this learning system of the holy Quran, for example, sometime teacher has their compulsions, he or she has to absent from the class, sometimes the student has his problem, he or she has to off the class.

The importance of this classical method cannot be refused because it was the way of our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Learning Quran from online Quran classes through the Internet
There is another magnificent way by which the students of advanced countries learn the holy Quran. This is the way of online Quran learning. The Internet becomes an important central figure in online Quran classes.

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