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Kitaboo is a cloud based digital publishing platform for eBooks

aadit on Business Product - -What is KITABOO ?
Kitaboo is a cloud-based content platform to create-publish-distribute interactive mobile-ready content.
-Kitaboo for Digital Publishers
An award-winning ebook publishing platform, KITABOO creates interactive multimedia-rich & mobile-friendly digital content. The cloud-based technology securely publishes and distributes eBooks on all mobile platforms and devices with powerful analytics and user insights.
Kitaboo for Interactive Training
Whether you are a K-12 publisher or a Higher Ed publisher, create interactive eBooks designed for personalized learning to suit various learning styles with KITABOO. Go beyond eBooks and increase student engagement by embedding multimedia and interactivity features such as video, audio, images, assignment widgets, read aloud and do much more than just reading eBooks.
-Kitaboo for Interactive Training
Whether you are a professional training delivery organization or a corporate who would want to digitize your learning & development, Kitaboo-SaaS-based learning platform helps to deliver mobile-ready responsive content.

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