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Introduction to What Sensors Are In The Phone?

Hathaway on Science - The development speed of smart phone technology is unimaginable, which includes sensor technology. Sensors in mobile phones have the ability to make a big difference in our way of life.

Sensors in mobile phones refer to those components that can be sensed by chips, such as response distance, light value, temperature value, brightness value and pressure value. Like all electronic components, these sensors are getting smaller and smaller, with stronger performance and lower cost.

Through the various data collected by the sensor, through the analysis and calculation of the program software of the mobile phone, various applications are generated. Today's mobile phones have provided extremely convenient functions in our social, financial payment, sports monitoring, entertainment, learning and other aspects.

The development of sensors in the future is sure that they will know more about the surrounding environment, that is to say, the types of sensors will be far more than these. The bolder assumption is that in the future, sensors will not only perceive, but also have certain processing capacity. What sensors transmit is not only data, but also some intelligent operation and judgment.

In terms of sensor technology, it is the common understanding of the whole industry that the sensor integration is getting higher and higher. The higher integration degree leaves more possibilities for the expansion of sensors, and greatly saves the equipment space, which is more conducive to the development of mobile devices towards portability.

I believe that in the foreseeable future, the perception of our mobile phone to users will be more accurate, and its application in the future will be far richer than we think now.

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