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International Greetings-say hello in different languages

certifiedtranslation on Education - When you meet new people, the way you greet them can set the stage for the rest of the encounter. This conversation starter is a great way to initiate a friendly talk, discussion, long speech or even a brief question. It is the polite way to make your presence known in-person, on the phone or on digital communication channels.

Stretching the greeting with a smile is an internationally expected way of starting a respectful conversation at work while traveling when you approach someone or are approached by someone. You can make your presence known and start positive encounters with foreigners by doing one simple thing: learning how to say “Hello” in their native language.

‘’Hello’’ is not just the only way for greeting, some cultures greeting each other by wishing good health, good day or even peace. You will also find that some

Even that ‘’Hello’’ is not the proper word for each situation, for example, you will find greeting in a formal business way, unlike the informal one.

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