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Everything You must know about National Education Policy 2020.

swati11 on Finance - The new national education policy made us wait for the last 34 years, Foremost the education pattern that existed in 10+2 form is to be replaced with 5+3+3+4 pattern. Read the article.
The New National Education Policy made us wait for the last 34 years. It was in 1986 that the present curriculum came into existence. In Indian politics, the subject of education has mostly remained at the back foot because it wasn’t vote fetching. Why should one think about the children who aren’t even eligible to vote might be the understanding for the politicians sitting in our Parliament. BJP had this change for policy in their manifesto since 2014.

Last, in 2015, there were certain recommendations made, but no heap was worth the education as already legislators has done enough by introducing Art 21-A as a fundamental right. Yes, it did show an increase in the literacy rate from 60% to 74% now. In a country where going to school is a privilege, then who thinks about what educational form it is in. Thankfully ISRO ex-chief K Kasturirangan led an expert panel and prepared the long due new education policy.

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