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A Culture of Cybersecurity Demands Cyber Education | Cyber security news

cholsmikee01 on Science -
Without a doubt, the internet makes everyday life easier and more convenient for people while also creating economic opportunities for anyone to launch a business that might one day make them a billionaire. But, while advancement in technology has enabled sci-fi like capabilities allowing us to solve global medical issues, organize scientists towards cures for Cancer and even entertain us endlessly, it has left us vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Just as millions of organizations use the internet for improving the whole world, a great number of organizations use it for their self-interest. Some of which may be criminal.

For all the advances the internet has allowed, there are organizations and individuals who are setback daily by attacks on their identities, systems and networks. This creates a constant battle between multiple groups vying to find advantage. Some of the players, good and bad, have aims that are not clear. Others protect system and chase bad actors to identify and limit their ability to hurt us. While, many other players have no greater ambition than financial gain.

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