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Girmiti team expertise using oracle suite of products and solutions to work on architect, design, develop and support the areas using IBM products.

IBM Services

Girmiti software carries the expertise in software IT Services including Architecting, Designing, Migration, maintenance, support, testing and custom application development services.

Girmiti Software provides business process oriented solutions and services that includes Software Development, enhancements, migration, maintenance and Support, Packaged Product Implementation, Database Administration, Systems Integration, Management and IT staff augmentation in many areas for enterprises.

The company’s customers and partners include many of the best-known technology companies as well as business leaders in Finance services, Payments, Retail, Healthcare, Life Sciences and insurance industries.

The company deliver industry leading technology solutions, support and services that:

  • Are based on IBM/AS 400

  • Are Technology Independent

  • Are Object based design and easy to adopt

  • Require Hardware & software Integration  

  • Require Single level storage

  • Require Handling functionalities such as memory management, processing, programs and I/O management

  • Are Machine Interface API between OS and Application Code

  • Involve Program Development manager with version control

  • Require Screen design Aid to interface design tool

  • Involves Source entry tool for file manager

  • Include Report layout utility for report generator

  • Include CRTRPGPGM for batch job scheduler etc.

To meet the stated objectives above, we primarily focus on the following:

  • Delivery performed using team oriented work approaches

  • Highly qualified professional consultants skilled in respective areas of technology and domain with respect to products & platforms to implement

  • Processes orientation, Quality driven and PMI based Project Management

  • Designed to separate Hardware and software to minimize effect of hardware change on software and vice versa

  • Complex Integrated systems has its own hardware, software, database and a security system.

  • Software communicates with hardware using an API called machine interface which decreases software -hardware dependency

  • Unique architecture which is extremely adoptable and can easily incorporate new technologies

The company provides 3rd party product implementation, support and maintenance using IBM services business suite of products to integrate with other platforms and products.

Some of our capabilities, integration and solutions we provide are as follows:


Technology team has the expertise to work on enhancements, customization of using the suite of products.

Technology team works with our customer in support, migration and maintenance of the existing implementations and follows the SLA’s.

The team expertise using the oracle suite of products and solutions to work on Architect, design, develop and support the areas using IBM products.

  • Girmiti's team carries expertise in AS/400 with programming languages like C, C++, Pascal, Java, Perl, COBOL, SQL, BASIC, PHP, and Python.

  • Team carries expertise in the ILE (Integrated Language Environment) programming environment and developed programs in ILE compatible languages like C, C++, Fortran and COBOL.

  • DB2/400 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows (US)

  • DB2 for z/OS

  • IBM I series

  • Operating OS/400

  • Language RPG/400, RPGIV, CL/400, RPGIV, CL/400, RPGLE, CLLE, COBOL, REXX

  • The database software is the gold standard for reliability, availability, and scalability. Optimized for SOA, CRM and data warehousing

  • WebSphere implementation and integration

Database Solutions

  • Database Management team offers 24/7 on-L2 & L3 support and administration

  • Database Design and Architecture

  • Database migration across platforms

  • Framework for storing and retrieving data

  • Facilitates two ways of data storage and retrieval methods

  • Expertise in data description specifications

  • Structured query language

  • Performance Tuning for Databases & Applications

  • Upgrades and Patches

  • Monitoring, Alerting & Event Management

  • Database Programming, Batch Jobs

  • Business Intelligence Data Modeling

The company Database Team members are highly reputable, industry certified and have years of experience in handling the largest and the most complex databases for various clients across the globe and provide consultancy, analysis, migrating, designing and re- architecting.