Andrew Origlio - Norwood, MA - specialist in blowing glass art
Andrew Origlio is a specialist in blowing glass art. Specializing in melted glass- marbles, mini vases, ornaments, pendants, and pins

I have been melting glass for approximately 15 years
(around 2007) and am mostly self-taught.

My first intro to glass though was while I was in high school when a friend asked me to try taking a class with him at Diablo Glass School located in Boston, MA, which is where I got my first taste of glasswork through observation, reduction & lampworking.

Andrew Origlio, Brighton, MA   Glass artist extraordinaire and glass aficionado.

 While still in high school, I went on to hone my skills at my friend’s in-home glass studio where I was able to experiment with different techniques.  My inspiration mostly comes from some of the glass artists of the North East from the early ’90s.

My love of glasswork led me to open my studio in 2013 called, HeadScape Gallery located in Brighton, MA.  Along with selling my glass I also do business with many other local artists.  I was lucky enough to be able to collaborate with Ziff glass in particular, making pipe and other artwork.  The more I work and collaborate with others the more I learn and find new techniques.

The techniques used are, of course, lampwork using an antique torch, and puffing, using lengths of glass canes.  The canes can be clear or any color you can imagine incorporating different colors to achieve different effects.  Some of the effects that can be achieved include spiral latacino, filigree, ribbon cane, and zanfirico (pattern of spiral cane).  Some of the many items I make are pipes, marbles, mini vases, ornaments, and jewelry including earrings, rings, pendants, and pins

Every day I work toward getting better and better, more precise. Making my pieces original, unique, and inspiring using line, color, composition, mood & texture.  Melting is more than a hobby for me it is one of my many passions and my goal is excellence.

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