The Ultimate Construction Site Security Checklist
Construction sites are constantly targeted by thieves, trespassers and vandals. WCCTV's site security checklist is the ultimate guide to protecting your sites.

Construction sites are constantly threatened by theft, trespass, vandalism, and arson. Managed CCTV systems are the most effective way of shielding against these threats, but there are several steps to better site security. Below, WCCTV presents its 'Ultimate Site Security Checklist'.

Construction project managers have a diverse range of responsibilities, including being accountable for all risk management during the project.

Construction sites are a hazardous environment, one which the HSE ranks as the third most dangerous, so workforce safety is a significant risk that needs mitigating.

However, worker safety is not the only risk project managers need to consider. Construction sites contain many highly sought after materials and tools, many of which are easy to resell, making them a prime target for organised and opportunist theft. 

To assist site managers, the security experts at WCCTV have created the Ultimate Site Security Checklist, a free download that helps close the gaps in your security processes.

Improving Construction Site Security

It has never been more important for construction business owners and project managers to invest in construction site security to protect valuable assets and workers.

The benefits of enhancing security across your sites include:

  • Preventing the theft of expensive tools and construction equipment
  • Protecting against project delays
  • Mitigating vandalism and arson of site property
  • Shielding your site from trespassing which can cause serious harm and loss of life
  • Reducing onsite accidents and injuries that can result in litigation and legal claims
  • Identifying Security Threats
  • It would be best to appoint an individual (or team depending on project scale) to lead security operations.

Although everyone on your site is ultimately responsible for its security, having a designated lead is a critical first step in ensuring threats are spotted and responded to. 

Business owners and managers must conduct a security risk assessment to implement all security recommendations effectively. 

If you've never completed a security risk assessment before, WCCTV has created a free guide which you can download here: Top Tips for Construction Site Security.

The Ultimate Construction Site Security Checklist

To assist project managers of any experience level working on sites of any shape or size, WCTV has complied its Ultimate Site Security Checklist. 

It is embedded below and available to download as a PDF on our website to print and/or share among your team.

Download the Ultimate Site Security Checklist

WCCTV: Managed CCTV for Construction Site Security

Construction site security is of the utmost importance, and getting it right has never been more critical for your company's success.

Rising construction material costs and increasing crime rates mean a lapse in security can devastate your projects operations.

Not only is there the risk of lost materials or the cost of damage to your sites, theft and vandalism can also lead to lengthy project delays. 

WCCTV is the UK's leading provider of fully managed construction site CCTV cameras.

We supply our own manufactured technology backed by a service that includes site survey, installation, maintenance, alarm monitoring, response and monthly reporting.

Our quality, reliability, and competitive pricing are why we are the UK's number one choice for temporary site security services.

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