PhD Guidance Help is a measure taken by group of scholars in order to help the budding scholars who need guidance. It is a novel idea which is started

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Journal Special Issues(ex. general IEEE paper time-1 yearOffer time period-6 months)
International and national conference dates
Fast acceptance Journal list
Peer review journal list
Non paid journal list

Topic guidance
Paper collection and literature review
Thesis support
Questionnaire design
Statistical data collection
Data collection help
Synopsis support
Editing and formatting support
Research article publication support
Viva voice preparation support

Provide Well researched and potential topics
List of topics given
Customized topic selection
Modification of topic or new topics accepted

Know the topic and act accordingly
Study all the related paper and define problem
Perform literature synthesis
Develop rough draft and perform peer review

transparency and terseness
Fully formatted and grammatically correct
Customized topic selection
Focused on complete requirement
Supported with verifiable facts
Clear cut result with comparison result

Confusing and unrelated questions
Technically vague
Lengthy question with unclear idea

Quantitative and Qualitative study
Software usage
Tutoring support

Analyze research issue
Complete subject knowledge
Make you to reflect your true potential
In-depth research focus
Tackling every question with critical thinking power

1.How you get updated about Special issues of each journal?

Many journal reviewers of top journals are in contact with us, through them we update our self with the special issues of the journal.

2.What are the tools you use for phd guidance in Image processing?

We use the following tools:

3.Can I know your overall Phd guidance support?

We will explain every stage of the Phd and our support for it, initially as a guidance support.