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Differences between the HID Headlights and Old Conventional Headlights

Conventional headlights have long been used inthe auto industry, but that doesn't mean that they are still the best options.Newer headlights are entering the market, promising better performance andhigher efficiency. One of them is HIDheadlight. They may be more popular than halogen headlights right now,but they won't disappoint.


If you’re interested in buying HID headlights for your vehicle, youmay want to learn more about them. So, what exactly are HID lights?


High-intensity discharge or HID is one of thethree types of headlights in the automotive lighting industry. Unlikeconventional headlights that contain halogen gas, HID bulbs have xenon gas.That's why they are also called xenon headlights!




When you look at the numbers, you will quicklynotice that HID headlights are300x brighter than halogen. These headlights can project further and brighterbeams of light, therefore broadening road coverage. They can improve visibilityat night and allow drivers to see through fog and rain more easily. Because ofthis, they can also increase your road safety. Xenon bulbs also produce cleanerand whiter light that is closer to natural daylight.




The old conventional bulbs operate by heatingthe tungsten filament. They become less reliable as the filament becomesbrittle. No wonder the main complaint about halogen headlights is that theyneed to be replaced so often.


Xenon bulbs are better in this regard becausethey are built to last longer. They don't have filaments that break down astime progresses. A typical xenon bulb can last for 2,000 to 3,000 hours of use.




HIDlights don't require as much power as halogen lights to illuminate. Thus, theyput less of a strain on the car battery and consume less fuel. HID headlightsalso create less wasted heat than halogen lights, making them better for theenvironment. HID lights are more expensive than halogen lights. But consideringtheir many advantages, they are sure worth investing in.