Why you should choose hemp bed sheets over normal sheets?
Hemp bed sheets have been shown to be beneficial for people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness.


Hemp bed sheets are good for the skin. The hemp fiber is very breathable and naturally antimicrobial, which means it can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


The fibers of hemp contain a natural moisturizing agent, known as lignin, that helps keep your skin hydrated. The lignin content in hemp is higher than that of cotton, linen, or rayon, according to Hemp Industries Association.


1)     The fibber’s natural antimicrobial properties also make it ideal for use as an antibacterial mattress protector. The outer layer of the sheet is covered with a layer of protective fabric and then filled with natural cotton batting or down alternative stuffing (INSERT). This helps prevent bacteria from growing on the mattress surface and causing odour problems.


2)     Hemp bed sheets are a great choice for anyone who wants to sleep on the cool side. They are made from 100 percent organic hemp and come in various colors and patterns. The sheets are comfortable and durable, which makes them ideal for people who like to sleep on their backs or stomachs.


3)     Hemp bed sheets can help you sleep better because they have a soft feel that will not irritate your skin. The fabric also prevents friction from your mattress, so you will not wake up with sore joints or muscles in the morning. If you tend to sweat when you sleep, then hemp bed sheets will keep you cool all night long!


4)     Hemp bed sheets are made using a unique process that preserves their natural fibers by using water instead of chemicals like cotton or synthetic materials. The result is an extremely strong fabric that does not get worn out quickly even after many months of use.


5)     They are not just great for helping you sleep better; they are also environmentally friendly! Hemp is grown without pesticides or herbicides, so it is much better for the environment than other plants used in making clothing and furniture items


6)     Hemp bed sheets are made from a natural fiber that is grown with care in the United States. The hemp fiber is grown to be strong and durable, which makes it an ideal material for bedding. The hemp bed sheet is also naturally antimicrobial, which means that it can help to control the growth of bacteria and mold on your skin. This is especially important if you are suffering from sensitive skin or eczema.


Hemp bed sheets are made from a natural fabric that does not contain any chemicals or artificial dyes that could harm your skin or make you itch. The sheets will not irritate the skin and they will not attract dust particles like other fabrics may do.


You should always wash your sheets regularly to keep them looking great and feeling comfortable to sleep in night after night. However, hemp bed sheets can be washed by hand without needing special treatment or washing machines, making them an environmentally friendly option too!



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