The prefilled syringes market is estimated to be worth over USD 2.5 billion in 2030, predicts Roots Analysis
A detailed overview of the current market landscape of companies engaged in manufacturing prefilled syringes.

Despite having been available for more than two decades,the demand for prefilled syringes continues to grow, given the numerousbenefits they offer over conventional injectable drug delivery systems


Roots Analysis is pleased toannounce the publication of its recent study, titled, Prefilled Syringes Market (5th Edition), 2020-2030.


The report features an extensive study of the current marketlandscape of prefilled syringes and the likely future opportunities associatedwith such devices, over the next 10-12 years. It features an in-depth analysis,highlighting the capabilities of various stakeholders engaged in this domain.In addition to other elements, the study includes:

§  A detailedoverview of the current market landscape of companies engaged in manufacturingprefilled syringes.

§  Adetailed overview of the current market landscape of companies that aredeveloping drugs in combination with prefilled syringes.

§  Adetailed competitiveness analysis of the various prefilled syringes that wecame across..

§  Alist of marketed drugs / therapies and pipeline candidates that are likely tobe developed in combination with prefilled syringes in the near future.

§  Ananalysis presenting potential strategic partners (primarily drug developers)for prefilled syringe manufacturers (with regard to likely collaborationopportunities for combination product development).

§  Ananalysis of the various prefilled syringe combination product-relatedinitiatives of big pharma players.

§  Areview of the landscape of contract fill / finish services providers that offerservices for prefilled syringes, featuring a list of active (large-sized)service providers and analysis based on a number of relevant parameters.

§  Aninformative summary of various guidelines established and issued by majorregulatory bodies for the approval of prefilled syringes, across differentcountries / geographical regions.

§  Briefdiscussions of currently available specialty syringes.

§  Acase study on companies that are engaged in the manufacturing of autoinjectors.

§  Elaborateprofiles of prominent prefilled syringe manufacturers engaged in this domain.

§ A detailed market forecast, featuring analysis of thecurrent and projected future opportunity across key market segments (listedbelow)


For Sample Report


  • Target therapeutic area 

§  Autoimmunedisorders

§  Infectiousdiseases

§  Neurologicaldisorders

§  Blooddisorders

§  Oncologicaldisorders

§  Psychiatricdisorders

§  Respiratorydisorders

§  Cardiovasculardisorders

§  Metabolicdisorders

§  Ophthalmicdiseases

§  Orthopedicdisorders

§  Others

  • Type of syringe

§  Specialtysyringes

  • Type of syringe barrel material

§  Glass

§  Plastic

  • Number of barrel chambers

§  Singlechamber

§  Dualchamber

  • Key geographical regions 

§  NorthAmerica

§  Europe

§  LatinAmerica

§  AsiaPacific

§  MiddleEast and Africa World 

  • Transcripts of interviews held with the following senior level representatives of stakeholder companies

§  MatthewYoung, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Oval Medical Technologies

§  KirtiMaheshwari, Chief Technical Officer, Intas Pharmaceuticals

§  GregorKawaletz, Chief Commercial Officer, IDT Biologika

§  KevinCancelliere and Tibor Hlobik, Marketing Directors, West Pharmaceutical

§  MarcoPederiva, Marketing & Sales Director, Lonstroff

§  JesseFourt, Design Director, IDEO

§  Anonymous,Chief Executive Officer, Small-sized Medical Device Company


Keycompanies covered in the report

§  BectonDickinson

§  WestPharmaceutical

§  Gerresheimer

§  Ompi

§  Schott

§  Nipro

§  WEGOPrefills Pharmaceutical Packaging

§  TaiseiKako

§  Terumo

§  Aguettant

§  Arte

§  JOPharma

§  PfizerInjectables

§  ShandongPharmaceutical Glass

§  ShandongZibo Minkang Pharmaceutical Packing

§  VetterPharma


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