Provided free online tips about uses of Parts of Speech classes like: noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction and interjection in English with examples.

Parts of Speech words in English Language

Parts of Speech words in English Language

Tips for usage of Parts of Speech words in english language

Parst of Speech Words in English Language

There are eight kinds of words and they are called Parts of Speech in English language:

(1) Noun, (2) Pronoun, (3) Verb, (4) Adverb, (5) Adjective, (6) Preposition, (7) Conjunction and (8) Interjection.

A noun is the (word) name of everything i.e. People, places, animals, birds, insects, things etc.
Kinds of Nouns according to their functions:

Common Noun
Countable Noun
Proper Noun Uncountable Noun
Collective Noun Material Noun
Abstract Noun Possessive nouns

A word that is used in place of a noun is called Pronoun. eg. I/You/We/He/She/They/It etc.
Following are kinds of Pronouns:

Personal Possessive
Reflexive Demonstrative
Indefinite Distributive
Reciprocal Relative

A verb is a word used to express an action or state. eg. Boys play, I eat an ice-cream, Birds fly.
There are three kinds of verbs:

Transitive Verb
Intransitive Verb
Auxiliary Verb

An adverb is a word used to add something more to the meaning of a verb, an adjective & another verb. eg. He ran fast, She speak loud.
There are different kinds of adverbs:

Adverb of time Adverb of frequency
Adverb of place Adverb of manner
Adverb of degree Adverb of reason
Adverb of durationAdverbs of affirmation

An adjective is a word used to add something more to the meaning of a noun. e.g. The tree is tall, A girl is beautiful. The parrot is green.
There are six types/kinds of Adjectives.

Adjective of Quality Adjective of Quantity
Demonstrative Adjective Interrogative Adjectives
Possessive Adjectives Distributive Adjective

A preposition is a word used with a noun or pronoun to show the person, a thing, denoted by the noun or pronoun, stands in relation to something The book is on the table, The school is near the temple.
There are three types of Prepositions:

Preposition of Time
Preposition of Position
Preposition of Direction

A conjunction is a word used to join two words or sentences. eg. One and one makes two, The girl is poor but honest.
Types of conjunctions are:

Coordinating Conjunctions
Subordinating Conjunctions
Correlative Conjunctions

An interjection is a word used to express sudden emotions/feelings. Wow ! It’s so beautiful, Oops ! I missed the train, Oomph ! She is beauty. Expressing – energy enthusiasm i.e. sexual appeal.
Interjections are connected grammatically with other parts of sentences.

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