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Juz Amma | Understand & Memorize Quran ,The Juz 30 that is the most commonly memorized, one of 30 parts of roughly equal length into which the Quran divided

Juz Amma | Understand & Memorize Quran , Juz 30 | Quran Oasis

Juz’ Amma is the last of thirty sections of the Qur’an, it starting with Surah 78 to Surah 114. Juz’ Amma is named after its very first word (‘amma /عم)

It contains 37 surahs, which are short surahs The main objective of these surahs and of the Juz, in general, is that obedient to Allah.

Because the whole matter is in the hands of Allah, and this part reminds of Judgment Day and the meeting and all of this comes in short, touching, and delicate surahs.

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Juz Amma ( جزء عم ) is the last part of the Qur’an. Juz Amma ( Juz 30 ) is the last part of the Holy Qur’an that people frequently read, especially in prayer.

The number of surah Juz Amma is thirty-seven surah, and its verses are five hundred and sixty-four verses,

and its words are two thousand four hundred and twenty-three words.

Also,” عم يتساءلون” the first surah in Juz Amma, which is called Surah “النبأ” or “عم,” or “المعصرات” or “التساؤل,” As for the last surah in Juz Amma, it is “الناس”,

It is worth noting that most of the surah of Juz Amma was revealed in Mecca,

and this had a great impact on inviting its people to embrace Islam; Especially since the Noble Qur’an was distinguished by its natural and rational style of persuasion and argument, and it intended to remind them of the resurrection and the resurrection, the establishment of justice, and so on.

It was called the news because it contains the important news about the resurrection, the resurrection, and the resurrection,

and its verses revolve around proving the resurrection belief that the polytheists denied.

The verses reported on the subject of resurrection, resurrection, and recompense, and established evidence of the power of Allah in the universe,

and that the one who is able to create this universe, including what is in it, is able to re-create man after his death.

I mentioned the resurrection and Hell that were prepared for the unbelievers and the humiliating punishments for the unbelievers and the polytheists in it.

In contrast, there was a description of what Allah has prepared for the righteous,

and this is the method of encouragement and intimidation that we often find in the verses and the surah.

Surah then concluded by talking about the horrors of the Day of Resurrection.

A portion of what Allah revealed the Noble Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him -;

To be his eternal miracle and a constitution organizing the affairs of Muslims and ruling their lives as a whole.

The Holy Qur’an contained one hundred and fourteen chapters in its thirty parts,

and the part is often known and is known as the first surah in it or the beginning of the first surah in it,

as in the thirty part of the Holy Qur’an known as Juz Amma. It is the beginning of the first chapter in it,

Surat Al-Naba, which begins with the verse: (عَمَّ يَتَسَاءَلُونَ)

The number of Juz Amma surahs includes thirty-seven surahs, beginning with Surat Al-Naba and ending with Surat An-Nas at the end of the Holy Qur’an, and Juz Amma surah list in most of them are Meccan surahs except for Suras Al-Bayyinah and Al-Nasr, which are both civil,

and the surahs of this part of the shortest surahs are different in the palace,

and all of them constitute an integrated and proportional unit in its subject and content.

In the entire surah of this part, a focus is placed on the first creation of creatures on earth,

and a mention and reminder of the scenes, phenomena, and verses that Allah made in this universe, and a talk about the facts of belief and faith,

and this surah is according to the arrangement of the Noble Qur’an.

The surahs of Juz Amma are distinguished by being the shortest surahs in the Holy Qur’an. Therefore,

many teachers begin to memorize amma juz for children in particular, and in order to achieve perfect memorization,

the correct steps must be followed. Some of them are explained below.

Correcting pronunciation is one of the most important steps for memorizing juz amma is correcting pronunciation and recitation,

and it helps to pronounce the verses in a correct and sound manner by listening to an expert sheikh,

mastering the pronunciation of the words of the Qur’an is by receiving from a sheikh orally and directly.

Making a table for memorization The student makes a table for memorization, and this table includes the elements The following:

Such as planning to memorize an entire juz’ amma, its the first half, or its last half.

Determining the time to achieve the goal, through an estimated table, which determines the time required to memorize each surah,

or the time required to memorize a certain number of verses, such as an estimate of memorizing a daily page.

With a clear schedule by reading it during the obligatory and supererogatory prayers,

thus regulating the time of its daily memorization, and reviewing the memorized surahs.

It depends on the student receiving verses from his Sheikh by listening, and the Sheikh corrects his student’s mistake if any.

It depends on understanding the meanings of verses, comparing similar ones, and knowing their locations.

It depends on drawing the Qur’an, so the student memorizes the beginning and end of the surah,

as well as the beginning and the end of the page as if the student appears to him when he recites what he memorizes,

so it is necessary for the student to allocate for himself a Qur’an.

Dividing the verses into sections linked by one topic helps to memorize a part of the division of verses into sections.

Because it gives a sense of achievement, raises the spirit, and strengthens the resolve,

especially in young people, or those who are weak in vigor and determination;

Because the surahs at the end of the juz are short, more numerous, and less difficult,

and many students have a glimpse of them through school books,

so the student feels that he has accomplished and memorized a large number of surahs,

so his resolve is strengthened, which urges him to continue, and the desire to memorize more.

Who wants to memorize Quran juz amma a part of his uncle and master it must seek help from things that help him to memorize and raise his energy, including:

Al-Nabaa is a Meccan surah, known in most of the Qur’ans as Surat Al-Naba, and it was called in other copies of Surat Amma,

which is the eighty surahs in the order of the revelation of the surahs to the Prophet – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him.

The Noble Qur’an, the number of its verses is forty, and the surah dealt with the struggle of the unbelievers in the Holy Qur’an,

and the issues brought by the Qur’an that contradict what they believe,

such as the issue of resurrection and resurrection after death. and the bliss that the believers will receive at the resurrection.

There’s a difference between the percentage of the Quran and the number of surahs.

Juz Amma has so many surahs but the percentage of it according to the whole Holy Quran is not too much.

Juz Amma, the thirtieth chapter, the number of its surahs is 36, most of them are short chapters. The number of verses of this section is 564 verses, the total is 995 verses.

It has 20 pages.

The longest surah in the Qur’an The surahs of the Noble Qur’an vary in terms of their length, and the longest surah of the Holy Qur’an is Surat Al-Baqarah, and this is consistent with the opening of the Noble Qur’an with the long seven chapters,

and the beginning with Surat Al-Baqarah being the longest among the chapters of the Noble Qur’an and the longest verse in the Qur’an is The verse of religion in Surat Al-Baqarah.

Surat Al-Baqarah is distinguished by the fact that all its verses are civil, with the consensus of scholars on that, as most of the verses of Surat Al-Baqarah were revealed at the beginning of the migration, and their number is two hundred and eighty-six verses, and some scholars, including Ibn Abbas – may Allah be pleased with him – have mentioned That the last verse of the Holy Qur’an was revealed in Surat Al-Baqarah; And it is the saying of Allah- Almighty and Majestic -: (And beware of the Day when you will be returned to Allah, then every soul shall be paid back what it has earned, and they shall not be left behind] [Al-Fatihah] in the Holy Qur’an. He began with Surat Al-Baqarah, then followed by the remainder of the seven long ones, by giving precedence to the Medinan ones over the Meccans.

The scholars agreed that the number of verses of the Noble Qur’an is 6200, but their opinions were varied about more than that, so they said: 6204 verses, and some of them said: 6214 verses, and some of them said: 6225 verses and some of them said 6236 verses, and some of them did not add anything and said: 6200 verses, and this is what al-Danni transmitted.

These numbers can be distributed among seven schools of thought as follows:

Some of them divided the Qur’an into thirty sections and called each part of it the name of the Juz’, so that no other part would come to mind at the time of uttering, even if someone says: I read a part of the Qur’an, it comes to mind that he recited one of the thirty parts into which they divided the Qur’an.

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