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The Add-On Builder creates Splunk Apps that start with what?





D. App






Which of the following are examples of sources for events inthe endpoint security domain dashboards?


A. REST API invocations.

B. Investigation final results status.

C. Workstations, notebooks, and point-of-salesystems.

D. Lifecycle auditing of incidents, from assignmentto resolution.






When creating custom correlation searches, what format isused to embed field values in the title, description, and drill-down fields ofa notable event?


A. $fieldname$

B. “fieldname”

C. %fieldname%

D. _fieldname_







What feature of Enterprise Security downloads threatintelligence data from a web server?


A. Threat Service Manager

B. Threat Download Manager

C. Threat Intelligence Parser

D. Therat Intelligence Enforcement







The Remote Access panel within the User Activity dashboardis not populating with the most recent hour of data. What data model should bechecked for potential errors such as skipped searches?


A. Web

B. Risk

C. Performance

D. Authentication





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