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TRANSCRIPTION - Certified translation - Translation in Dubai

certifiedtranslation on Business Product - Types of Transcription Services Transhome Offers
There are multiple types of transcripts that you can request from Transhome and our experienced team.

Requires a great deal of skill and patience because transcriptionists take time to listen carefully, type, and review closely. Your assigned transcriber needs to have experience conveying different tones and emotions accurately.

A transcriber makes sure that all written scripts are grammatically correct with complete sentences. This type requires strong subject knowledge and excellent editing skills.



VOICE OVER - Certified translation - Translation in Dubai

certifiedtranslation on Business Product - Voice Over Acting at Transhome
One of the most popular media language services is voiceover acting and that’s exactly why Transhome, a top translation and localization company, started providing the service more than a decade ago. If you are marketing or spreading awareness for a cause using video or audio, our professionals are ready to lend their voices to you affordably. We work with organizations and offer multimedia language services in several subjects.

Project Managers Work with You Each Step of the Way
Clients across business industries are discovering the potential of marketing

DTP services - Certified translation - Translation in Dubai

certifiedtranslation on Business Product - Desktop publishing services are quickly growing in demand among business executives, marketing specialists, entrepreneurs, and a number of other professionals across industries.
Popular businesses like Otlob, Airbnb, UberEats, and others are publishing digital menus, brochures, fyers, newsletters, and other informative and interactive materials using the desktop publishing services.

DTP Services for Diverse Readers and Learners
Electronic books have grown in popularity while top education institutes all over the world offer students the (often more cost-friendly) option of buying e

Proofreading - Certified translation - Translation in Dubai

certifiedtranslation on Business Product - Proofreading: A Language Service Essential to All Other Language Services
Transhome offers proofreading services that are included in your competitive rate across language services and can be requested as a separate service as needed. Language specialists use cultural and subject knowledge to ensure:

translation accuracy,
adherence to grammar rules,
correct spelling,
correct meaning,
cultural accuracy, and
appropriate subject matter wording.

Transhome offers proofreading for all kinds of big or small projects, including:
Research Papers and Reports
Article Reviews
Research Stu

Interpretation services - Certified translation - Translation in Dubai

certifiedtranslation on Business Product - We have taken out the difficulty of finding a professional interpreter who possesses excellent language skills and can keep up with the fastest speech by bringing top interpretation services right to you. Our professionals know how important it is to keep pace with the original speaker. We now offer a number of remote interpretation options for a variety of communication needs.
Interpretation services- certified translation in dubai
Language Specialties and Subject Matter Knowledge
One of the advantages you get by choosing us is being matched with a language expert who has subject matter k

Localization services-certified translation Dubai

certifiedtranslation on Business Product - Professional localization services require language and technical expertise. Localization is done to ensure that your business website, blog or mobile application is user-friendly in diverse markets. Our language specialists offer more than 120 languages from all over the world. Experienced IT technicians use the translated content to optimize websites, blogs, and mobile applications into strong marketing tool to showcase your products and services.

Serving You as a Team for Quality Localization Services

An experienced project manager will help you plan your localization project from st

How Many Languages are Spoken in India? - Certified translation in Dubai

certifiedtranslation on Travel - India is a gorgeous country with sights and sounds galore, this amazing land is a rich melting pot that combines people from different faiths, spiritual practices, cultures, and traditions.

Business professionals are among those hard-working individuals who need to relax and travel for pleasure once in a while.

Transhome highly recommends a trip to the Land of Wonderment where you will hear 22 official languages spoken across the country.

Amazingly, the 22 official languages in the country are just a few compared to the more than 720 dialects spoken. There are 13 different ways to wr

South Africa's Official Languages - Certified Translation in Dubai

certifiedtranslation on Education - HOMEALL POSTS...SOUTH AFRICA’S OFFICIAL LANGUAGES

South Africa is known for its rich languages and fascinating cultural traditions that date back to ancient history. Colonization and European influence greatly affected the languages used in South Africa. This information helps business executives, especially those in the customer service, sales, and marketing departments attract and retain South African customers who are making a greater mark in the trade industry every day.

There are more than 25 official languages in the country; many will surprise you. Read on.


5 Easiest ways to learn a new language - Certified Translation in Dubai

certifiedtranslation on Education - 1. Just start reading, as a list of Neurologists found the brain as an awesome vocabulary-learning machine.
While you are reading and listening, your brain absorbs words naturally, analyses the kind of expectations you have about which words usually come together.

Our brains are unstoppable from collecting statistics about words for providing us with fast speech regularly.

2. Sure, grammar is the perfect way to speak the language accurately, but you can pick it up by practicing the language naturally.
3. Try to find a language partner and practice the language with him, and concentrat

9 dead historical languages - Certified translation in Dubai

certifiedtranslation on Education - The dead languages are those languages has no alive speaking communities and considers a heritage to most of the civilizations.

1. Latin classifies as one of the most known dead languages however, it is familiar to many people.

2. Coptic the first Christian language by some people like the Orthodox Church of Alexandria. It is a mix between Hieroglyphics, Demotic, and Hieratic languages.

3. Akkadian is the language of the Akkadian’s empire, which stretched all the way from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf.

4. Biblical Hebrew it was spoken originally by ancient Israelites