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How a successful lands of China spacecraft????organize on the moon?

theglobaltimes on Science - China has succeeded in another space mission to the moon. The robotic spacecraft 'Cheng Five' sent by China has successfully landed on the surface of the moon. The purpose of this mission is to collect soil and rock samples from the lunar surface and bring them back to earth.

Throughout this mission, the lunar vehicle is required to spend the next few days on the surface of the moon and collect material to test the geological features of the area. This lunar vehicle is provided with many devices including a camera, spectrometer, radar, etc.

The lunar vehicle will collect about two kilog

MAP Sensor: Working, Structure and Types - Utmel

Alanlin on Science - The engine's electronic control system is equipped with an intake manifold pressure sensor. Engines using pressure sensors are usually fuel-injected engines. The sensor provides real-time intake manifold pressure information to the engine's electronic control unit. This data is used to calculate the air density and determine the air mass flow rate of the engine, and then determine the fuel supply required for full combustion. In order to detect the intake air flow, a fuel injection engine can use an air flow (MAF) sensor or a pressure sensor, sometimes even both sensors are used.
The common

Battery Monitoring Systems Market Forecast 2024

RituKhatri on Science

Battery monitoring systems market is fragmented. Several players are aiming at reducing costs to fuel the adoption of battery monitoring systems. However, the strong position of existing players and the capital-intensive nature reduces the threat of rivalry. ABB Ltd., Analog Devices Inc., Eberspaecher Vecture Inc., General Electric Co., Infineon Technologies AG, Johnson Matthey Plc, NXP Semiconductors NV, Raytheon Co., Renesas Electronics Corp., and Texas Instruments Inc. are some of the major market participants. Advances in EV battery and associated technologies, increase in data center con

Vaastushastra is a vast and ancient science of living.

gautam80 on Science - Vaastushastra is a vast and ancient science of living. The word Vaastu is derived from the root “Vas” which means “to reside”. It is not an equivalent of the word architecture. Vaastu is arhitecture and much more. While architecture is the science, art or profession of designing and constructing buildings etc., the definition of Vaastu extend into the realm of occultism. Vaastu Shastra, the edifice science of Bhawan Sthapatya Kala, being the applied aspects of ATHARVAVEDA, is an ancient science and one of the eminent features of our heritage. Vaastu means dwelling of Humans and Gods in the or

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs- Find Your Best Match

AstroTalk on Science - You want find the best match or life partner for yourself. But this is not an easy task to find the most understanding and compatible match. So, this is the best article for you to find the perfect match for yourself. As with the help of this you will get to know that the most suitable person for you is. You zodiac sign will place the most important role in this. As the zodiac sign that will most similar to your traits will best for you. Zodiac sign can best describes about a person's nature and many more. Like Libras are the most Compatible Zodiac Signs for Leo and Sagittarius.

Shri Shakti Anjaneya Astrologer, the best astrology service in bangalore

shrishaktianjaneya on Science - Since ancient times, astrology has always been the shining force ahead to the world's oldest cultures and civilizations. There has been a lot of assertions and a conflict of opinions about whether to consider in astrology or otherwise. Adapting the astrology ideology is a preference that rests with oneself and at the same moment there are many factors that govern the significance of astrology.

Pandith J D Rao is one of Bengaluru, India's best and well-known veteran astrologer. He has been forecasting for more than 25 years and has considerable experience in the subject area and therefore w

Rain Pipe kit | My Kisan Dost | VK Rain Pipe Irrigation System

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Rain Pipe kit | Rain Irrigation System | V K Packwell Pvt. Ltd.

him08 on Science - V.K. Rain Pipe irrigation system is substitute for sprinkler irrigation which sprays same quality of water to crops. It is made by HDPE fabric (High Density Polyethylene ). V.K. Rain Pipe has zig zag & randomly punched holes by laser system which results best water sprouts performance  in this category. No clogging problem arises in V.K. Rain Pipe. It has more life than any other ordinary rain pipe. V.K. Rain Pipe is very easy to assemble and reallocate. It helps to reduce consumption of energy and water more than 50 percent. With the help of appropriate water pressure , V.K. Rain irrigation

Introduction to What Sensors Are In The Phone?

Hathaway on Science - The development speed of smart phone technology is unimaginable, which includes sensor technology. Sensors in mobile phones have the ability to make a big difference in our way of life.

Sensors in mobile phones refer to those components that can be sensed by chips, such as response distance, light value, temperature value, brightness value and pressure value. Like all electronic components, these sensors are getting smaller and smaller, with stronger performance and lower cost.

Through the various data collected by the sensor, through the analysis and calculation of the program software

A Culture of Cybersecurity Demands Cyber Education | Cyber security news

cholsmikee01 on Science -
Without a doubt, the internet makes everyday life easier and more convenient for people while also creating economic opportunities for anyone to launch a business that might one day make them a billionaire. But, while advancement in technology has enabled sci-fi like capabilities allowing us to solve global medical issues, organize scientists towards cures for Cancer and even entertain us endlessly, it has left us vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Just as millions of organizations use the internet for improving the whole world, a great number of organizations use it for their self-interest. So