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PM of the Denmark cries while apologize to the farmers

theglobaltimes on Politics - Prime Minister of Denmark cries ISLAMABAD (Urdu Point News Latest - NNI. November 27, 2020) European country Denmark's Prime Minister Matte Federickson wept over the government's order to kill millions of navies due to Corona and apologized to farmers and traders. Earlier this month, the Danish government ordered farmers and traders growing navy to kill them as soon as possible.

The government ordered the killing of the mongoose after some investigations revealed that it had transmitted the coronavirus to Danish mongooses and that it was causing the mongoose virus to spread rapidly to huma

US intelligence warns Jubaidan: China has become a threat to us

theglobaltimes on Politics - WASHINGTON (NNI) - US Director of Intelligence John Ratcliffe has warned the next president, Joe Biden's administration, to refrain from engaging in politics.

In an interview with Fox News Channel, Ratcliffe said that "intelligence is clear that China is the biggest threat to our national security." The largest risk is for us. The intelligence chief examined those who associate the threat with other issues.

He says Russia is a greater threat to the United States than China. According to Ratcliffe, China intends to dominate the world economically, militarily, and technologically. He said

Why is the founder of the Iran's nuclear program was killed?

theglobaltimes on Politics - The founder of Iran's nuclear program: Tehran (Online) The founder of Iran's nuclear program was assassinated in Tehran, Mohsen Fakhrizada was killed in a targeted killing, but died at the hospital. 

According to the Iranian Ministry of Defense, an Iranian nuclear scientist has been shot dead in Tehran. Mohsen Fakhrizada's car was bombed in the suburbs of Tehran, while the assailants later opened fire on the vehicle with a machine gun.
It has been reported that nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizada was seriously injured and taken to a Tehran hospital in critical condition. But he could not

Israel is preparing to make an attack on Iran-The Global Times

theglobaltimes on Politics - Israel is preparing to make an attack on Iran-The Global Times: The Israel Defense Forces have begun readying for the possible US strike on Iran. Around this on Wednesday. Axios news portal reported on Nov 25.

Washington (Online) US media have claimed that Israel has begun preparations to launch an attack on Iran at the behest of the United States. The report states that Israel is planning to launch an attack in the near future. In a matter of days, a full-scale strike on this country should be launched.

In this regard, Iran's nuclear facilities will be targeted. Israeli officials have

Story of the NYC FAME HACKER - A Hell of a BLOODY Story - SHARE - YouTube

zerowtech on Politics - Please SHARE - we MUST stop this VAMPIRE! No more spilled blood.
Here Raul from again places his skills and mind to
defeat a monster with lots of cash and very ugly associates has
destroyed the US Government balance of powers and won de US Elections.
We must stop this in the 2020 US Elections.
Here Raul documents his INSIGHT that Trump's power and fame are all via HACKING FAME by ASSOCIATION with people of huge reputations.
These include even Hillary and Clinton, Epstein and many, many artists and boxers, Miss Universes, saying nonsense to the press to get news, etc.

AC Nên ch?n máy tính bàn hay laptop cho vi?c h?c t?p?

hoangtri2013 on Politics - Trong h?c t?p ai c?ng c?n có m?t máy tính ?? tr? giúp trong công vi?c c?a mình ???c t?t h?n nh?ng vi?c trang b? m?t máy tính không ít ng??i b?n kho?n nên ch?n cho mình lo?i máy PC ?? bàn hay m?t chi?c laptop gia re.

Theo mình thì nên ch?n m?t chi?c laptop. Máy tính xách tay có hình dáng g?n nh?, màn hình m?ng r?t thu?n ti?n cho b?n di chuy?n ??n tr??ng. V? ph?n c?ng máy tính ?? bàn và laptop ??u t??ng ??ng nhau, các ch?c n?ng gi?ng nhau, tuy v?y máy tính xách tay thì ???c ch? t?o nh? g?n

General College Tips For All College Students

cell32yg on Politics - Being a college student isn't that easy to do. Although working people may look at college students and think that their lives are easy, it is likely that they do not know the hardships that college students face. Use the tips in this article to make college life easier for you, and do not give up!

Bothered By Bugs And Other Pests? Try These Tips!

cubgrajk on Politics - It can be a huge problem when pests decide to invade your home. Exterminators, however effective they might be, can be out of some people's price range. That is why you should know how to get rid of pests on your own. This article will teach you how to do just that.

Read This Piece To Learn All About Interior Design

otter7kj on Politics - Most people would love to change the look of their home but feel it is too expensive to do so. But that often couldn't be further than the truth. Making DIY changes without the help of a professional are often easy and inexpensive to do. Continue to the article below, and learn about some great do it yourself projects.